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Today's Home Theater Receivers have an incredible feature set that goes beyond intuitive hook up and adjustment schemes. Onkyo has a great customer support site and has hook up guides and user manuals available for download.


To obtain the best performance from your Onkyo Audio unit, please take time to familiarize yourself with the user manual before calling Onkyo Repair.


As an authorized Onkyo service center, Rex Service Company is restricted from sharing any proprietary information, but hope to have some helpful additional information here.

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Onkyo Technical Information

The first troubleshooting tip is the most simple:  Is the unit plugged in to a live outlet and are all other connections properly attached? Frayed or shorted speaker wires can cause an Onkyo receiver to go into “protect” mode.

Onkyo Repair Tip # 1

The second Onkyo diagnostic  troubleshooting tip is the same for any  microprocessor based units. To reset  the processor, Un-Plug the unit and leave unplugged at least a minuet or even up to 24 hours before trying the unit again.

Onkyo Repair Tip # 2

Onkyo Repair Tip # 3

Onkyo Repair Tip # 4

The Onkyo Customer Support Web Site has Onkyo User Manuals for most models. In the user manual has an extensive troubleshooting guide with symptoms and fixes for your model Onkyo receiver.

Onkyo Repair Tip # 5

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Next try a reset  to factory defaults or hard reset. You can do a hard reset on most models with the unit in standby, hold the “VCR/DVR” button and  press the “ON/Standby” button. “Clear” will appear on the display and the receiver will enter “Standby Mode”. This deletes the custom settings and radio presets. This may solve your Onkyo Service problem and save a trip to Rex Service